Parents thank 999 staff after M5 roadworks birth

Parents thank 999 staff after M5 roadworks birth

Jayne Rowland and family visiting staff at the Taunton Ambulance StationImage copyright
South Western Ambulance Service

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Jayne Rowland and family visited staff at the Taunton Ambulance Station

A couple whose baby was delivered in roadworks on a motorway have been reunited with the 999 call operators that helped them.

Jayne Rowland, 36, was on her way to hospital when she went into the final stages of labour on the M5 in Somerset.

Her partner Joshua Mogg, 29, said “everything happened very quickly” after he called 999.

Call handler Jonathan Leaton said “they both did incredibly well” and baby Harry was born safely near junction 24.

Mum-of-two Ms Rowland had been on the way to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton to be induced on 1 November when she went into labour.

They had to stop in a lane of traffic because there was no hard shoulder, but their car was shielded by a lorry which put on its hazard lights.

‘About to pop’

Ms Rowland, a teaching assistant, said: “I’d had discomfort for three weeks, but the pain got worse in the car, so I asked Josh to pull over.

“It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised how much danger we were in because there was nowhere safe to stop in the roadworks.”

On the 999 call, Mr Mogg can be heard saying: “She’s about to pop. I’m in the roadworks at 50 miles an hour.”

Mr Leaton talked the couple through the delivery and Harry was born at 07:57 GMT, weighing 7lb 8oz.

His place of birth was recorded as “the M5”.

“Delivering my baby son on a motorway is probably the best thing I’ve done in my life,” said Mr Mogg, who works as a tree surgeon.

The family has since visited Taunton Ambulance Station to personally thank staff.

Operations officer Dan Wilsher, who was first on the scene, said: “I remember being very aware the car was in a live traffic lane.

“When I approached the passenger door, I saw a tiny little face wrapped in blankets looking back at me.”

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