Help us map what is happening with public toilets across the UK

Help us map what is happening with public toilets across the UK

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the UK, the continued closure of many public toilets is presenting huge problems for people wanting to make the most of their time outdoors, those living close to popular beaches and beauty spots, as well as decision-makers in national park and local councils who have to balance public safety with increased demand for facilities.

In Scotland, for example, the country’s national parks are demanding urgent guidance on reopening public toilets safely and consistently, after reports of local residents near beaches and beauty spots discovering human excrement left by daytrippers.

We want to map what is happening with public toilets across the UK, how the public is coping without them and how newly re-opened facilities are dealing with social distancing requirements.

Share your experiences

Are there public toilets re-opening near you? If not, how are you coping with their closure? If they are open, how are distancing and hygiene requirements being managed?

Do you work for a local council or national park? We’re especially keen to hear about how you plan for re-opening, and what health and safety guidance you are following.

You can get in touch by filling in the form below, anonymously if you wish. Your responses are secure as the form is encrypted and only the Guardian has access to your contributions.

One of our journalists will be in contact for publication before we publish, so please do leave contact details.

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