Imran Hussain VAT – £300m tax dodge fugitive launches bid – Living in Karachi

Imran Hussain VAT fraud Case

Imran Hussain had a scandalous history in VAT fraud in Glasgow. He has been accused of stealing 300 million pounds from the taxpayers of Scotland, he also answers to the sobriquet “Imran Hussain VAT Fraud”.

Previously we disclosed about the VAT fraud convicted by Imran Hussain in Newton Mearns, Glasgow and the enterprising negotiation he tried to hold with the HMRC to make his move back to the United Kingdom achievable, the negotiations are also said to mainly focus on keeping the possession of more portion of the black money to his name.

Mr. Hussain has been changing addresses and has gone underground to get away from the HMRC officers who are out to catch him for the 6 years old VAT fraud. He currently resides in Clifton Karachi in Pakistan.

Imran Hussain had relocated to Dubai after disappearing from Glasgow and had the time of his life in Dubai. He had a yacht, a variety of cars, and two luminous houses. He also had a private plane which he would use for his trips to Europe. He has four sisters and he has two daughters.

Some informers say that Hussain is heading a large-scale affair in Europe that would lead to a setup of hundreds of illegal cooperation that are related to VAT fraud called Carousel Fraud. The fraud case was opened in 2006 and the case closed in 2014.

Multiple gangs related to Imran Hussain are asking for their value-added tax on the goods that they import and export illegally. These gangs pay no VAT on high-quality goods such as computers, chips used in computers, electrical machines, iPhone, iPad, and iPods.

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