Imran Hussain VAT Fraud – Living in Karachi

Imran Hussain VAT

Imran Hussain had a scandalous history in VAT fraud, and currently resides with high standard life in Clifton Karachi, the executive area of Pakistan, along with his family. He is the sibling of four sisters and he has two daughters. He was the person who allegedly was involved in 300 million pounds.

When he left Scotland, Mr. Imran Hussain moved to Dubai and enjoyed a luxurious life in Dubai, he had two lavish houses in Dubai, a wide range of luxury cars.

Not long ago we disclosed the VAT fraudulence that was done by Imran Hussain and his associates.

Some sources say that Mr. Hussain and his crew members were leading and processing a wide operation in European countries and established multiple illegal companies that are linked with VAT scam acknowledged to us as Carousel fraud. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has registered this case in 2006 and resolved it by 2012.

Many gangs are claiming their VAT (value-added tax) on goods that they demand was imported and exported legally. Actuality, they paid no VAT on these high-value goods, such as laptops, desktop computers, and their chips, iPhone, iPad, electrical machines, and iPods.

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