Samsung TVs should be regularly virus-checked, the company says


Samsung has advised owners of its latest TVs to run regular virus scans.

A how-to video on the Samsung Support USA Twitter account demonstrates the more than a dozen remote-control button presses required to access the sub-menu needed to activate the check.

It suggested users should carry out the process “every few weeks” to “prevent malicious software attacks”.

The suggestion surprised cyber-security specialists, who said the public would be unlikely to go to the trouble.

BBC News asked Samsung whether any specific threat had prompted the warning.


The company responded that it had been “posted for customers’ education”.

However, it also deleted the post at about the same time. The 19-second video guide had been watched more than 200,000 times.

‘Pointless advice’

Samsung’s recent smart TVs run off a version of its proprietary operating system, Tizen, and often come pre-loaded with McAfee’s Security for TV anti-virus software.

One security adviser had described the tweet as being “pointless advice” that would be a “waste of time” to follow.

“There is a tiny number of known malware that might attack a TV,” said Ken Munro, of Pen Test Partners.

“I’ve seen one case of a ransomware infection but the prospect of it happening to most users is very small.

“A better solution would be for Samsung to automatically update its operating system for you.”Skip Twitter post by @LeoKelion

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Another expert predicted that very few people if any were likely to follow the advice.

“Trying to place the burden on users like this won’t work,” said Scott Helme, of Security Headers.

“At the very least, Samsung should provide an on-screen prompt if this were really necessary.”

The tweet had prompted some users to suggest the alert was a good reason to avoid connecting a television to the internet in the first place.Skip Twitter post by @oz1lqo

Søren Kjærsgaard@oz1lqoReplying to @SamsungSupport

There’s a reason why my TV isn’t connected to the internet, never has been, never will be.1010:05 PM – Jun 16, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Søren Kjærsgaard’s other TweetsReport

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Or maybe you could make this happen automatically if it’s so important. Do you really think people go digging around in that menu?71:28 AM – Jun 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Kevin Bender’s other TweetsReport

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Samsung previously raised eyebrows about the security of its smart TVs, in 2015, when it warned customers not to discuss personal information in front of the displays as they could transmit it to third parties.

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